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We provide design services to a wide variety of clients for new construction, additions, renovations and historic building projects.
Our work process fosters a creative exploration of ideas to ensure a unique building design that meets our clients needs now and in the future. Our designs take inspiration from a wide variety of sources such as unique project sites, the natural environment or our client’s own personal life experiences. Our clients always seek an exceptional level of quality and creativity, which has resulted in a balanced portfolio of projects from private homes and escapes to corporate offices and entertainment venues.

Our range of architecture services includes:
Concept design
Adaptive re-use
Urban planning and zoning
Digital 3D renderings
Construction documents
Bidding and contracts
State and local permitting
Construction administration
Interior Design
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We always seek a consistent visual language throughout the spaces we create,  for both the interior and exterior, and enjoy creating environments that reflect our clients goals and aspirations.
Often our designs must solve practical problems of acoustics, cleanliness or durability, while other times they must inspire and awaken those within. In addition to our design awareness, our knowledge of the latest products, materials, equipment and appliances can help ensure that your  design is at its most functional and up-to-date.

Our range of interior design services includes:
Kitchens and master suites
Corporate offices and lobbies
Event centers and bridal suites
Restaurants and bars
Historic interiors
Construction documents
Bidding and contract negotiation
State and local permitting
Construction administration
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Historic Building Consulting
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We serve historic building owners who face the noble challenges that come along with historic building ownership.
Being a steward of history can be difficult and preservation requires steadfast commitment. Our clients show a dedication to historic authenticity and seek long-term solutions to building preservation. Always conscious of adding value to our client’s projects, we seek to utilize a building’s unique historical features to their maximum dramatic effect while also modernizing the building to meet current and future needs.  

Our range of historic building consulting services includes:
Historic Preservation
Renovations and Additions
Adaptive Re-use
Existing conditions surveys
Feasibility studies
Historic roof replacements
Federal and State grant assistance
Accessibility (ADA) improvements