Frequently Asked Questions

Does your company design residential projects or commercial projects?

Yes, and yes! Over the past decade we have worked on over 150 projects of incredible variety, resulting in a balanced portfolio of projects from private homes and escapes to corporate offices and entertainment venues. Our common project types include: 

  • New private residences 
  • Existing residence renovations and additions
  • Historic residence restorations 
  • Pool houses, pool patios, outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas 
  • Restaurants, bars and event centers - new construction and adaptive reuse 
  • Offices and conference centers - new construction and adaptive reuse
  • Multi-family residential - new construction and adaptive reuse 
  • Historic building renovations including roof and window replacements 
  • Historic building reconstruction (fire damage, collapse, demolition)
  • Historic building relocation
How much do architectural services cost?

It depends on two things:

1. The SIZE of your project

2. The level of your EXPECTATIONS

Residential project design fees can vary considerably based on the project scope and the owner's specific needs.  Architectural fees for residential renovations and additions can be as low as a few thousand dollars, while full-service design for large custom residential projects can range in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Commercial project design fees are typically 5%-10% of total construction cost and include full-service design, permitting, bidding and construction phase services. Bidding services allow us to help deliver the project at minimal cost. Construction phase services give our clients confidence that the project will be completed as expected, on-time and within budget. 

Architectural fees are based primarily on the time required to meet our client’s expectations. Even a modest residence can take over 100 hours of design work! Contact us today for a free consultation.

What is full-service design?

Full-service design includes architectural design services as well as those of all required design consultants.  Design consultants often include a structural engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer and site design specialists. Together, we make up the “design team”. We assemble and manage the design team from initial concept to the end of building construction so you don’t have to.

This method is preferred by clients who can’t commit full time to managing the design of their project. Any design consultants contracted directly by the owner such as interior designers, landscape designers, and brand consultants are encouraged to participate with our team during the design process.  This allows us to deliver a final product that best meets your project goals, from practical to playful.

Can I afford to build “new”?

Residential building construction costs in the Midwest typically range from $140 per square foot for a convention wood-framed residence up to $300 per square foot for a high-end custom project.  The wide range in cost is due primarily to the level of quality desired when selecting fixtures, finishes and other custom design features. 

Commercial building construction costs vary widely depending on the size, construction type and building use.  Costs per square foot can range as low as $40 for a pre-manufactured metal building to over $500 for a high-end medical or government facility.  Most office, restaurant and retail projects fall in the range of $150-$350 per square foot for new construction. 

Keep in mind that the term “building construction cost” does not include the initial land purchase, site development work, public utility connections or design fees.  Yes, buildings are expensive!