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As we pass our 10th year in business, we reflect on the projects we’ve completed, the talented people we’ve collaborated with, and the courageous clients we’ve served, and ask meaningful questions about where we are headed - and why. The answers led us to re-draw our company blueprint.

Valuing creativity and authenticity over repetition and replication, we are on a constant quest to improve the physical environment in service of others. We are often drawn back to nature to put our work and life into perspective. We are fascinated by the slow but powerful forces at work in the natural world. They allow us to understand the eternal progress of time and how we might somehow fit our lives and work within it. The forces of nature inspire and fascinate us through their beauty, balance, scale and complexity.
Nest Design - part of the logo
One structure in which we find inspiration from the natural world is a bird’s nest; our work parallels its simplicity, resourcefulness, uniqueness, and adaptability to its surroundings.
Our work is more than just a project, and the people we work for are more than just clients.

Together we discover the true potential behind our shared creativity, and we welcome the opportunity to align ourselves and our designs with nature to unlock joy and wonder for generations to come.

We value a sustainable use of time, material, and space as we create, enhance and preserve structures for people to gather - places where shared experiences are nurtured.